End Of Life Guide For Pets!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

It’s a sorrowful time and handling the end of life arrangements can be extremely distressing. For that reason, many people begin making these arrangements in advance.

The Home Euthanasia Process

One of our compassionate doctors show up for the scheduled appointment. Upon arrival the doctor takes about 5 minutes to get to know the family and get set up.

Its important that each animal feels comfortable with our doctors and staff before we begin.

The doctor will administer two shots. The first is a solution that relaxes your pal so they don't feel any anxiety at all. After about 15 min the doctor will administer the euthanasian solution that will put you treasured pal to sleep within about 5 min. All of which is done in the loving arms of family in the home!

From there the cremation team will handle everything.

Pet Cremation (dog cremation, cat cremation, bird cremation, etc)

Crematoriums exist for both humans, animals, and some are for both, but regardless the cremation process is the same.

Of course every crematorium is different however there will be a standard basic process for animal cremation.

What Happens During a Pet Cremation?

If you chose "Private Cremation" your Treasured Pal is placed in our retort completely separate from any other animal.

The intense heat vaporizes the organic matter and reduces it down to ash and bone.

Any type of metal that was in or on the animal such as metal pins or a buckle on the collar is removed by hand or with a magnet.

The rest of the remains from the pet cremation are processed into a gritty sand-like powder, which is white or gray in color.

From there the remains and tracking tag are placed into a bag, sealed, and then placed in the cremation urn of choice.

Additional pet memorial items are available as well.

Everything is the same for a "Common Cremation" except the pet owner does not receive any of the processed remains back.

With questions regarding any of the process please feel free to call 586-381-7003 for clarity.

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