Private Pet Cremation

Communal Pet Cremation

  • Keep your pals cremated remains as a permanent and personal keepsake.

  • The remains are placed into the crematory and separated from other Treasured Pals. 

  • We verify it's your loved one by our required and certified tracking system. 

  • Our Rosewood Urn is included with every private cremation. 

  • Choose between home pick-up, Vet pick-up or drop off at our location. 

  • In the case you do not wish to receive your pals remains, we offer a communal cremation to properly dispose of their remains for $99.

  • Clay paw prints of your pal are available with common cremations for an additional $15 charge.

  • If your pal is too large to remove from your home Treasured Pal will pick up and perform the communal cremation. 

  • Contact us below and we will help you in your time of need.

We specialize in in home euthanasia appointment for pets. That includes cat cremation and cat home euthanasia, dog cremation and dog home euthanasia. We are compassionate in our approach, we always take the best care of our pals. We offer affordable dog cremation and affordable cat cremation.  Our doctor will come into your home for the euthanasian appointment. 

Private Pet Cremation Cost

  • 0-30 lbs - $189

  • 31-90 lbs - $249

  • 91+ - $349

Communal Cremations 

Pet Bird Cremation

  • 0-70 lbs - $99

  • 71-90 lbs - $149

  • 91 lbs+ - $189

After hours appointments (6pm) are an additional $50.
Sunday appointments are an additional $75.
FREE pickup within 15 miles
15 miles beyond Shelby Township is an additional $25.
25 miles beyond Shelby Township is an additional $50.
Pet ID System
  • We use a stainless steel identification tag for each one of our Treasured Pals.

  • This ensures that the ashes you get back are indeed your loved one.

  • Numbered tracking tags are with your pal through the complete cremation process.

  • Numbered tags are matched with pet names in our computer software.